We don't have a team.  We have a crew.  You will probably notice there are people that appear more than other in our media. This is our crew.  Our Crew Skates for Fun and gives us feedback and input on our designs and keeps us up to date as to what is happening in the industry.  The crew is made up of people that we respect in our community.  The fact that we don't have a team is the result of the ethic that came from our community that reminded us of the true spirit of skateboarding. As we were starting we asked our crew if they wanted to be sponsored or be on the "team". And overwhelmingly, the response was "no, I would rather just skate". How f$%#in' rad is that? Our crew comes to the shop and we build new molds and experiment with new ways to expand and improve the sport of skateboarding and manufacturing without taking away from the true heart and spirit of skateboarding: we just really want to ride.

Do you sponsor?

-not really, but we flow gear to people who rep us well... 

How do you get gear?

-want a deck?  we need 3 professional quality GNARLY videos of you SHREDDING LIKE YOU GIVE ZERO F$%KS on one of the boards that came from our shop-and an email releasing the rights to use it in our media.

-want a shirt? send us 10 cool 15 second vids of you tearing it up on one of our boards. and an email releasing the rights to use them in our media

-want some sticks?  just be rad.

That's awesome, but I don't have one of your boards... How do I make these vids?

-buy one

-win one

-trade for one

-borrow one (if in Columbus Area, you can even borrow a demo)

If you consistently show us how gnarly you are we will flow you gear and promote the hell out of your skating.